Volkan Oezdemir Feeling Confident Against “Clumsy” OSP

Volkan Oezdemir is excited about the opportunity to crack the light heavyweight top 10 in his UFC debut.

Oezdemir (12-1) was preparing to fight at Titan FC 43, two weeks ago when his opponent came up injured. He originally was under the impression he would be getting  a new opponent and the day before weigh-ins he got the call that he would be fighting, but just not at Titan FC 43 instead with the UFC and against the #6 light heavyweight in teh world. Oezdemir talked to thefighthouse.com about his thought process when he heard the news.

“I was supposed to weigh-in for Titan FC 43 two weeks ago. Lex wrote me and told me, ‘you have to call me. It’s important, but it’s not negative,” Oezdemir said. “I just called him right away and he told me, ‘hey, there is good news, you’re not fighting Saturday, but you’re going to get signed by the UFC.’ I had mixed feelings. I was like what the fuck is happening. He told me, ‘OSP (Ovince St. Preux) has no opponent and they’re looking for a replacement and they thought about you,’ and then I was just like, wow, I was psyched.”

It’s a huge opportunity for Oezdemir, OSP us currently ranked #6 in the light heavyweight division. A win Saturday and Oezdemir puts himself in the top ten and right in the mix. He is very confident heading into the fight and likes his odds against as he describes him a very “clumsy” OSP.

“I am feeling confident. He’s clumsy, he has a few things he does really well, he has power, he has good feet, and ya, I am feeling good. He has a good style for me…He likes to strike and that is what I like too,” Oezdemir said. ” I don’t think he is a technical striker, He is powerful and has a few shots that he likes to do, but he is clumsy. He is not a technician.”

The biggest issue for Oezdemir taking the short notice fight is his weight. This will be his first trip down to light heavyweight. Until now he has fought his entire career at heavyweight. He says he never even thought about the weight when he accepted the fight that was until he stepped on the scale.

“I started at 237,” Oezdemir said. “I said yes and didn’t even think about the weight, and then I realized…I went on the scale and was like oh shit! So ya, my biggest part of the fight camp, lets call it that is cutting weight.”

With OSP being ranked #6 and Oezdemir not currently close in the rankings all the pressure sits on the shoulders of OSP. Oezdemir says he can just worry about going out and fighting, because he has nothing to lose.

“I am fighting the guy who is #6 in the world right now, so what else can you wish for in your first UFC fight,” Oezdemir said. “I am going there with nothing to lose, it is a win win for me. There is my test, you know my first fight in the UFC and I am not fighting a top 25, I am fighting a top ten right away, so here it is.”




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