It Runs In The Family: Fighting Families In MMA

To the modern MMA fan, Nick and Nate Diaz may be the most popular brothers to compete in mixed martial arts, maybe ever. The two brothers have almost identical styles; heavy boxing, good jiu jitsu, they both talk trash during their fights and have made the “Stockton slap” famous within the MMA community. They’re not the only ones though.

If we go back through the sports history we can siblings sprinkled throughout it. Here is look at 10 of the best siblings to ever compete in the sport of MMA:


Nick Diaz (26-9) and Nate Diaz (19-11)

The Diaz brothers are two of the most polarizing figures to ever step in the cage. The two men are carbon copies of each other. From their boxing heavy style to their shit talking and their infamous “Stockton slap”. There are few as entertaining as the Diaz brothers. Fighting runs in the blood with these two.

Both brothers have been professional fighters from a young age. Nick has held titles in multiple organizations he has fought in, but not the UFC. Nate has been a staple in the UFC’s lightweight division since he was a teenager. Any time one of the Diaz brothers makes that walk to the octagon you will definitely be entertained.

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