Ryan Spann Happy to Finally Get Trevin Giles in the Cage

It has taken Ryan “Superman”  Spann more than a year to secure a fight with Trevin “The Problem” Giles and he plans on making the most of it.

Spann (9-3) and Giles (8-0) are set to headline Legacy Fighting Alliance (LFA) 3 on February 10, in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Spann and Giles are two of the most entertaining and highly regarded middleweight prospects in the game. People have been trying to put this fight together for some time now, but with no success and according to Spann that is no fault of his.

“We have been trying to get this fight for a year now, man, just over a year. They offered me him for another promotion here in Texas and we were going to make it a title fight,” Spann told The Fight House. “He was 4-0 I want to say and he was like, ‘well, I think I’m ready, I just want to talk to my coaches and see what they say.’ I approached the promoter and was like that is basically him saying he doesn’t want to fight, he just don’t want to be the one to tell you he doesn’t want to fight.’ Sure enough, he came back and said, ‘My coaches said we’re not ready yet,’ or something like that. There was a couple more times later in the year we were trying to make it happen and for whatever reason he didn’t want to do it.”

Giles is currently undefeated and has finished all eight of his opponents. It is definitely an impressive feat. Well, impressive to everyone except Ryan Spann. Spann is convinced he can win this fight anywhere, but says Giles will definitely be unconscious when the fight is finished.

“I am not going to say he’s trash, he’s undefeated for a reason, but he hasn’t fought nobody,” Spann said “I can beat him wherever it doesn’t even matter to me, anywhere. When we finally got the fight and I texted one of my team mates and he was like, ‘oh man you can beat him easily’ and I said, ‘ya with both hands tied behind my back.’ It really don’t matter I don’t care where the fight goes…I couldn’t care less what he’s trying to do, it doesn’t matter. He can watch all the film he wants, but at the end of the day he’s getting rocked…By the end of the night he will be sleeping.”

Spann is also quick to point out that the three blemishes on his record are all title fights, which Giles has never competed in as a pro and that in non-title fights he himself is undefeated.

“I have heard them say he’s undefeated, all of them are finishes. That’s cute, that’s cool,” Giles said. “If you look at my record I’m 8-0 in non-title fights. The only fights I have ever lost are title fights, world title fights. In my last three fights I have had two world title fights…I have never lost a non-title fight. I’m 8-0 in non-title fights, 7 I want to say are first round finishes and the eighth one a third round finish.”

Spann is more focused now than he’s ever been. According to him he’s never really exercised a full training camp. His “camps” have been based primarily around dieting and making the weight. He described the previous camps as “Half Lazy.” It is only recently he’s started utilizing  full training camps, dieting properly and just putting full effort into his preparation. He says he’s motivated by providing for his children.

“My life has not been the best as far as situational, financial, I have the opportunity to make sure my kids have a better life than what I’ve had,” Spann said. “The struggle ends with me.”



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