Scott Coker: We Have The Best 170 Pound Division

Scott Coker is confident Bellator has the best 170 pound division on the planet.

Bellator have been aggressively pursuing free agents for some time now, cementing themselves as the  second largest MMA promotion in the western hemisphere. Bellator’s welterweight division has blossomed through the addition of new talent. In an interview with MMA News Scott Coker had nothing but praise for his 170 pounders.

“If you look at our 170 lbs weight class, they’re all killers in there. We’ve got a bunch of killers,”Coker said. “We’ve got Koreshkov, Lima, you’ve got Rory MacDonald, you’ve got Paul Daley, you’ve got MVP. I’m telling you, we have got the best 170 pound division on the planet as far as I’m concerned.”

The welterweight division and they heavyweight division are arguably the two best divisions in the promotion, but is their welterweight division the best in the world? What do you think?

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