Sean O’Malley Feels No Pressure Heading into LFA 11

Sean O’Malley isn’t feeling any pressure heading into LFA 11.

O’Malley is a 22 year old undefeated prospect fighting out of Arizona. The young bantamweight is days away from the biggest challenge of his professional career. His opponent David Nuzzo is an impressive 9-1 and is riding a four fight winning streak with 3 finishes. Despite fighting on the biggest stage of his career, against the toughest opponent he has seen to date O’Malley says he is feeling absolutely no pressure heading into the fight.

“Ya, it’s probably the biggest show. I don’t make it a big day. I don’t really get nervous,” O’Malley told The Fight House. “I am not afraid to lose. I don’t know, I am not really nervous at all going into it. I’m excited, excited to go out there and perform.”

“I used to be scared to lose. It was stressful going up to a fight,” O’Malley continued. “As I am getting older and more mature as a fighter I realize win or lose the next day is still going to come. The people that love you and you love are still going to be there for you no matter what. It is something recent in the last four or five fights I’ve had I’ve kind of been thinking like that.”

Even though O’Malley has no fear of losing the fight you better believe he is showing up to win.  O’Malley admits that he doesn’t really look into his opponent too much. Training at the MMA Lab with the likes of Benson Henderson gives him a ton of confidence. O’Malley believes regardless of what his opponent is bringing to the table they are on two different levels and he is prepared to prove it. He even predicts a TKO finish.

“I want to take him out early and that is kind of how all my fights go, but I see me knocking him out,” O’Malley said. “I know he’s not sparring someone who fights like me. They can try to fight like me, but he is just not going to get the same looks. When he gets in there he’s going to see something he has never seen before. He is going to go in there and he is going to want to stand with me – he is supposedly a striker – two and a half minutes in he is going to be shooting, trying to get me up against the fence, trying to wrestle, trying to do all that stuff, but I think I am going to put him away early that is what I like to do.”

O’Malley and Nuzzo will meet at LFA 11 in Pheonix, Arizona at the Comerica Theatre. If you are unable to be there live you can catch the card on at 9 pm ET.

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