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TUF 24 winner will get a shot at flyweight title

The winner of TUF 24 will go from the bottom to the top – real quick.

Only one other time in the shows history has a title shot been given to the winner of the show. Interestingly enough the last time the UFC handed a shot to the winner of the show, was Matt Serra and he KO’d GSP. The winner wiould likely get their shot at the end of the year.

Jon Jones pleads not guilty to drag racing charges

After a rough week of that saw Jones imprisoned and his title fight cancelled he is not prepared to accept the ‘bogus’ traffic tickets.

“We intend to fight these traffic violations. We believe that they’re bogus. We believe that he was profiled.” said Nancy Hollander

Mitrione, Henderson, Thompson talk leaving the UFC

Here is what Mitrione had to say about the UFC:

“Some people are so brainwashed,” Mitrione said. “They say, ‘How dare you think about business like that?’ If you cite money, you’re a greedy pig. If you cite anything else, you’re a scared p—y. It’s crazy. The thing is, the UFC has become bigger than the sport, and what’s bad about that is so many people want to be in the UFC that everyone else is an afterthought. There are guys in smaller organizations that their only goal is ‘I want to go to the UFC.’ And I’ll tell them there might be more money in another place. And they’ll say, ‘It doesn’t really matter. That’s my goal.’ But once people get to the UFC, they might get the disenchantment of what’s going on. If you’re a veteran in the UFC, you’ll see it.”

Here is what Benson had to say about fighter pay and bonuses

“When you talk about backroom bonuses and discretionary bonuses, they’re awesome, they’re cool, but it’s not a steady salary, it’s not promised,” Henderson told Bleacher Report. “Some guys never get a bonus. It’s all at the whim of the higher-ups. And you shouldn’t have a problem paying your mortgage because of the whim of the higher-ups, because they didn’t feel your fight was worthy of a bonus.

“That struck me as wrong. It’s not right at all. Fighters are professional athletes. As much as we sacrifice, we shouldn’t have to live hoping that we get a bonus, hoping that we did enough to impress them.”

Josh Thompson talks negotiations with UFC

“I couldn’t tell you what it was like to do business with the UFC, because there never was a business side of it as far as, there is no negotiation,” Thomson said. “There were times we’ve heard there’s talks and negotiations, but you really don’t need a manager because, ‘This is the deal you’re going to get.’ There’s been talks like, ‘Sure, you can negotiate for an extra two or three grand, but don’t expect to get any backroom bonuses.’ So then you question, is it really even worth negotiating that extra two or three grand?”

Cyborg wants to fight at UFC 200

Cris Cyborg is prepared to fight at UFC 200 if everything goes well against Leslie Smith. Here is what she had to say.

“Depending on how my fight ends. I think I can fight at UFC 200 if I don’t have any injuries. There’s time to make weight.  My deal is for this fight only, but if they keep giving me catchweight fights or at my weight class, then I’ll keep fighting in the UFC.”

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