Steve Kozola: I Will Knockout Dillon Danis in Two Rounds

Steve Kozola would love to welcome Dillon Danis to Bellator’s lightweight division.

Danis has done a good job of keeping his name in the MMA media without having any involvement in the sport. His confidence is undeniable. It was just over a month ago he was calling out Jon Jones for a grappling match. Danis is easily one of the best grapplers on the planet, but Kozola isn’t anywhere near concerned, wishing Danis luck getting the fight to the mat.

“The fight starts on the feet. He has to have wrestling. I train with some of the best wrestlers in the world here at team Quest,” Kozola told The Fight House. “I have Olympian level wrestlers that come in. Good luck, good luck. Once you hit a jiu jitsu guy in the face they just change. I rarely see a jiu jitsu guy transfer to MMA who trains jiu jitsu at that high of a level and gets hit in the face and is OK with it. Maybe he does, maybe he is one of those special guys, I doubt it.

“It is going to be a CM Punk situation, maybe not that bad, but it’s going to be a similar situation,” Kozola added. “You’re coming in trying to be something your not and all of a sudden you’re going to step into someone who’s real, who does this for real, for real. You’re going to realize you rushed into it and didn’t take your time, or this isn’t the sport for you.”

Danis is joining the Bellator roster with some hype behind his name. A lot of it comes from being seen with and hanging out with Conor McGregor after joining Straight Blast Gym to help him prepare for the Nate Diaz rematch. He is also one of the very best jiu jitsu practitioners on the planet. Kozola is complimentary of Danis’ grappling ability, but is less than impressed with the  chip resting on his shoulder as he enters the world of MMA.

“He used to be such a chill, humble, cool individual. Now, ever since he has been hanging with Conor McGregor he thinks he can talk shit. Where do you get this idea that you can talk shit? You are not an MMA fighter, you have zero MMA experience. You’re going to come in here to a top promotion? Good luck, good luck bro,” Kozola said. “There is no way your stand-up is going to get even close to hang with guys here. Jake could beat Dillon, I know I will knockout Dillon within the first two rounds, probably within the first three minutes of the first round to be honest with you.”

Kozola says with the marketability of Danis it is likely Bellator would feed him some tomato cans and keep the two of them away from each other.

“Man, come down to 155 I will knock him out,” Kozola said. “I bet you Bellator would tell him not to take that fight. Maybe he wants that fight, I highly doubt it. I bet you Bellator has to protect him and tells him do not fight Steve, you don’t want to take that fight. I don’t blame them he shouldn’t want to take this fight with me, because I will put him out.”


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