Steve Kozola: Its Going to Take a Special Man to Beat Me

Steve Kozola is ready to prove to the world that he is the next generation of mixed martial artist.

Kozola is a perfect 8-0 in the cage, finishing every opponent by knockout but one. He is coming off a 28 second destruction of Jake Roberts at Bellator 175, but has remained largely under the radar because of a short hiatus from the cage due to contract issues. Kozola, a product of Team Quest believes without doubt he will follow in the footsteps of legend Dan Henderson as the next great American knockout artist.

“I am trying to show that I’m the second generation of this sport. Dan Henderson was the first generation of team Quest, I’m the second generation of Team Quest,” Kozola told Jason Sutcliffe on The Fight House podcast. “He is retired now. I’m the new American guy who knocks people out…I’m here now, I’m the one who is going to be making the noise, so I want everyone to be put on blast and let them know I’m here.”

Kozola’s has been extremely impressive to this point. To this point he has never been outside the second round and has five first round knockouts on his resume. Kozola is very confident and strongly believes it is going to take someone special to leave him in defeat.

“I think some people don’t know how good I really am yet, and that is fine, because I have only had to show so much. Wait until you put me up against these guys where I’m going to display my full force, show all my weapons and how affective I’m at putting them all together,” Kozola said “It’s going to take a special man to beat me and I am willing to step up against anybody who’s willing to try.”

Perhaps even more impressive than Kozola’s skill is his preparation. He cuts no corner and leaves no stone unturned. His diet, recovery, weight, training are all monitored to a science. A kinesiology graduate, Kozola says he is always prepared and believes his preparation will make the difference between good and great.

“I believe when you put in 100% of yourself into something you put yourself in 100% the best position for yourself to succeed, so I have to make sure I cover as much gaps as I can. Make sure I am learning as much as I can, adapting as much as I can and growing myself not just physically, but mentally, spiritually, I need to make sure that the people around me, my championship environment is 100% on point,” Kozola said. “I have no time for BS on any angle of anything. I have a wife and a son that are number one and number one and then I got fighting to worry about and providing for them, so I am not here to mess around, party, take short cuts, no I am here to put in the work.

“I want to really show that separation from good versus great,” Kozola added. “My weigh tis always perfect and always on point… I woke up at 158.5 pounds morning of weigh-ins. Just a 20 minute bath, no albolene, no epsom salts, no nothing, cut that weight easily and stepped on. I was eating full meals, three full meals a day. That is the type of preparation I’m doing, that is the level I’m at and if you’re not there good luck beating me.”

Kozola has placed new comer and jiu jitsu ace Dillon Danis in his cross-hairs, calling him out for Bellator 180 in New York. Kozola is extremely confident and believes he will leave Danis just like the rest…unconscious.

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