Steven Peterson Plans on Humiliating Dulani Perry

Steven Peterson doesn’t believe there is any way Dulani Perry lasts three rounds with him.

Following his victory at LFA 7 Dulani Perry got everybody’s attention when he declared himself the “Fight God”, claiming nobody in LFA or the UFC could touch him. The claim caught the attention of  Steven Paterson who says he’s more than happy to be the one to expose and humble Perry.

“I was shocked, hearing just the arrogance that was speaking. My first reaction was I wish he had more fights so I could fight him,” Peterson said. “Then my name gets brought into the mix and he goes publicly bashing me, so he got the fight. He got what he wanted and it is not going to be what he thought it was. It is not going to go as he had planned.”

Perry wasted no time unloading with a barrage of insults and comments on social media, all directed at Peterson. A lot of what makes Perry’s comments so interesting is who he is saying them to. Peterson is the former Legacy champion, has nearly six times the professional MMA experience.  To say he is tough is an understatement. Peterson says he plans to humiliate Perry.

“I think I would have my way with him and finish him at will. I feel like the submissions will be there early in the first, but that is not really how I want to go about it. I want to break him,” Peterson said. “I want to take him down and demoralize him, grind him out, pound him out late in the first round. I want to make him pay for his statements, I just want to humiliate him in the cage.

“Don’t get me wrong, this will not go past the second round,” Peterson said. “I am going to break him and then put him away like he deserves. I am not going to take him to a decision. I am not going to clown around. I am going to go in there and hurt him and I am going to brake his will and make him never want to step in there with another fighter like me ever again.”

Peterson is proven tough. He has been to war on numerous occasions. Before talking the loss to Leandro Higo, Peterson was on a six fight win streak, finishing four of them. Yet still Perry believes he will clown with Peterson and finish  him when ever he feels to. Peterson invites the clowning and show-boating of Perry.

“This guy thinks he is going to clown me and I am going to destroy him it will be entertaining to see,” Peterson said. “I am going to break him down systematically. It is going to be very entertaining to watch, especially if he tries to pull that clown shit on me. I wish he would. I wish he would try and clown me I will put him to sleep.”

The contract still needs to be signed and figures need to be worked out, but according to Peterson if Perry is willing to sign the contract this fight is absolutely going to happen. We will have more details as they’re released

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