Thanh Le Ready to Sit With Elites in LFA’s 145 Division

Thanh Le is now settled in as a featherweight and is prepared to put on show against Allen Black at LFA 3.

After a successful start to his career at lightweight Le – currently 5-1 – gave featherweight a test run last summer. The cut went well, his performance even better and he’s now prepared to become a fixture in LFA’s featherweight division.

“I did two test cuts before I had my first fight at 45, I had my first fight at 45 about 6 months ago in July. Weight cut is great,” Le said. “I am really happy at 45. I feel great at this weight…45, 55 I don’t care, my body feels great at those weights.”

Even though Le doesn’t have a tonne of fights under his belt he has solid experience including time on The Ultimate Fighter 22. He has a life time of martial arts experience and plans to put it on full display in his LFA debut. As far as the message he wants to send and his plan for his debut, he says it’s the same as it’s always been.

“The same message I have been trying to send my whole career that I am one of the elites. I am at the top of my game right now and getting better everyday,” Le said. “I am ready to go out there and put on a show and make sure a lot of people are going to tune in to watch me fight. I want to make the fights exciting to run my game plan and make sure we come out with W’s.”

Le drew Alex Black for first trip into the LFA cage. Black is 11-4, and a veteran of the formerly known Legacy Fighting Championship. A win over Black is a big statement and nice feather in his cap. Le says he is looking forward the mental battle against a creative fighter like Black and believes the fighter who can make the adjustments on the fly will walk out with the win.

“I have seen him fight a couple times and I know he likes to throw a lot of creative stuff. If I am not mistaken he has some traditional martial arts background as well…He’s a creative fighter. I like that, that’s awesome, it’s kinda a battle of wits in there,” Le said. “It’s not just some dude biting down on his mouth piece, walking towards you and hopefully he walks through your punches. I’ve seen that a few times in my career. This is cool, he is a little creative, I like that. I like having that little mental battle with him and we’ll see who comes out on top and who can do a little on the fly strategy a little better and I think that is who is going to take the fight.

“We are going to see this fight all over the cage, we are going to keep our feet moving, on the ground we’re going to show you some new development stuff we’ve been working on. I definitely anticipate a finish,” Le continued. “We will bring the fireworks and make sure it’s an exciting fight and we’ll show off a bit hopefully.”

Le and Black are set to meet at LFA 3 on Friday February 10, in Lake Charles, Louisiana at the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino.



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