Thanh Le: I Want the Belt

Thanh Le isn’t beating around the bush he wants the belt. Nothing more, nothing less.

Le made his LFA debut against Alex Black at LFA 3 and it couldn’t have gone any better. The tae kwon do expert made quick work of Black with a first round finish. For most people that would have been ideal but Le says he was hoping to stretch things out into maybe the second or third round.

“The game plan was to take it to round two or three and play with a little bit of the stuff we have been working on,” Le said. “I am not complaining because the fight was stopped a little early because of the knockout, but I kind of wanted to show a little more of what I got. A quick knockout is always good for the record, great for the highlight reel, but round two and three we want everyone to really fear all parts of my game, so we’ll do it next time. We’ll get out there and show everybody what we got.”

Following the fight Le was very clear about what he wants next calling out the champion although he didn’t know who the champion was. It is still early but Le put up one of arguably the most dominant and impressive victories of the young promotions first seven events. He truly believes it doesn’t matter who he’s matched up with it’s a good match-up for him.

“I didn’t know (who the champion was) and I guess that is kind of a bad on my part. I just wanted to make sure they understood no matter who it is, it can be the guy who is holding it now, it can be the guy who is holding it next week or three months from now I want to fight them,” Le said. “I feel like anybody I face in that octagon is going to be a good match-up for me, because of the way we prepare, because of the way we approach fights. It is not an arrogance or anything it’s just a deep confidence in my abilities. Whoever it is I want to fight them. I want the belt that is obviously the goal.”

The divisions current champion Kevin Aguilar put on an excellent performance of his own at LFA 4 knocking out Damien Jackson. Le watched the fight and well he was quick to compliment of Aguilar’s skills he believes the match-up would definitely  favour him.

“I know that I have put it out there that I want to fight the title holder that fought for the title a couple weeks after I fought, Aguilar is his name,” Le said. “I think the match-up is a really good fight for me. His movement, he’s got good movement, good technique, but matched up against my movement, my footwork and use of range that I do. I think it is going to be difficult for him to get passed the long tools and when he does get past the long tools, I think that is what is going to be most dangerous for him.”

Aguilar’s next fight has yet to be announced, but given Le’s performance against Black it is hard to believe that he isn’t being considered as a real possibility.

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