Jose Torres Hoping Pedro Nobre Fight Launches UFC Career

Titan FC flyweight champion Jose “Shorty” Torres is looking to use Pedro Nobre as a launching pad to a long UFC career.

On January 21, perhaps the number one prospect in the sport Jose Torres (3-0) will defend his flyweight title against veteran Pedro Nobre (18-2). Torres had an incredible 2016. He made his MMA début in March and by August he was the Titan FC flyweight champion. According to Torres all signs are pointing to the main stage with a victory at Titan FC 43.

“I decided to call out Pedro Nobre, Lex was trying to find me a prospect and that’s fine, but I believe Pedro Nobre is the guy to get me to the UFC. He has a big record he’s already been through the grind, and I want to show the guys in the UFC that I am ready to fight those big calibre guys,” Torres said in an interview with “I have talked to Lex and Jeff the CEO and COO of Titan FC and they believe this will be my last fight if I beat Pedro Nobre.”

Torres had the benefit of working with UFC bantamweight TJ Dillishaw who sought him out to help prepare for his UFC 207 bout with John Linekar. The experience of going five rounds multiple times a week with Dillishaw was invaluable and gives Torres the confidence to believe he can not only beat Pedro Nobre, but hang with the very best in the world.

“He paid me to be his training partner, which was extremely humbling to know that the guy who’s one of the best pound for pound fighters in the UFC overall – and I am not even in the UFC yet – is paying me to help him train for his fight against a guy who is nothing but a knockout artist,” Torres said.
“The confidence is huge. If I can hold my own against a guy in the UFC who is going to fight for the belt again, which I believe he never lost, I believe I can hold my own against Pedro Nobre.”

Torres isn’t secretive about his game plan for Pedro Nobre. He has his style, believes he’s better than him just about everywhere and is pretty well daring Nobre to stop him.

“I am typical Latino fighter,” Torres said. “I am a straight forward opponent, I definitely like to do a stand-up type of show that is definitely what people like to watch. I don’t want to see two people rolling around on the floor, ‘oh he choked him out, whatever,’ I want to see two people bang and that is exactly what I want to do in my fight

“He has a hard time striking or using his offence when he’s moving back and I saw that against Tim Elliot I saw that against Sid Brice,” Torres continued. “I believe I’m faster than Pedro Nobre, I believe I’m more technical on the feet and I definitely throw a lot more than he does. I definitely feel I’m more conditioned and just overall younger. I think my body overall is ready for a five round fight compared to his, so I’m definitely going to push the pace, definitely going to throw more combinations than he is and I am not going to give him any type of chance to move forward, because when he does move forward that is when I think I’m in trouble and that is where his strength is.”

Torres laid the ground work for his success with a 26 fight amateur career, winning both the national and world championships two years in a row before going pro. He has paid his dues and now the young man from Chicago is ready to take his skills to the biggest stage in the sport.

“It’s awesome how fast everything is going and I’m just really happy everything has happened the way it has,” Torres said. ” I’m just excited to fight on January 21, and hopefully I win this fight and move on to the big leagues and show people that Shorty’s here to stay.”


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