Travis Quintero Will do Anything for the Win

Travis Quintero believes he is willing to push a little further for the victory than his opponent Nathan Trepagnier.

Travis Quintero is set to take on Nathan Trepagnier at LFA 9. Both Quintero and Trepagnier are products of the regional scene in Oklahoma and Quintero is looking to pick-up hometown bragging rights. This is a fight he has been wanting for a while. According to him the two were supposed to meet at the end of last year but Trepagnier turned it down. Quintero isn’t sure why, but he is happy to finally get him in the cage.

“Nathan just happens to be an Oklahoma guy that I have been wanting to fight. I set that in my mind. A lot of people talk about him in the gym like, ‘hey you got to fight Nathan, that is the guy you need to take down. You guys are both in Oklahoma, you both are up and coming fighters,’ so he has been on the to-do list as far as the fight goes,” Quintero told The Fight House. “I was supposed to fight him in December…I don’t know what happened. I don’t know if he said no to me or no to the title, so I am not 100% sure why I was not able to fight him.”

Quintero enters the cage with a perfect 5-0 record and a high level wrestling back background. Trepagnier has 2-1 record with both wins by way of submission. Quintero respects his skills, but feels like he matches up very well. He looks forward to competing on the LFA stage and digging deeper into his toolbox to put his full skill set on display.

“I feel like we match-up perfectly. Ground wise, my wrestling pedigree, I was a state championship wrestler through high school. I was a four time state placer, I was a runner up my junior year and my senior year I ended up finishing off with a state championship under my belt,” Quintero said. “My ground game is really solid, so anything he is wanting to utilize as far as the ground I feel like we both are matched up pretty well there.”

“Anywhere it goes I win. That is my personal opinion,” Quintero added. “I could sit here and say at the end of the first round, second round, third round or any of that, but the way that we put our camp together as a team – being with LFA I feel like this is the stage I want where I can expose more of myself, more of my game. As far as my stand-up goes. I want to take my time, I mean I am not going to rush nothing, I am not going to force anything. I am going to pick and choose everything that I can do…I am just going to enjoy it and have fun.”

Quintero comes from a military background. As a marine he spent time in Afghanistan serving his country. Quintero has seen combat and been in life and death situations, he believes that experience has given him a mental edge in the cage.

“Fifteen minutes, it is a life time in a fight, it is a long time, but realistically what’s the worst that is going to happen. I come into the fight knowing I can take personal injury, I can either get knocked out, or get submitted, but he is not going to kill me that is the thing,” Quintero said. “I know coming into the fight that something could happen there is the possibility the chance but I am going to come out of the cage alive. Having that mentality sharpens my game, it actually amplifies it a lot more, because a lot of the fighter that I face, I don’t know if they have that type of mentality. I am the type of fighter that I am willing to do anything to make sure I come out on top.”

“I have a different idea and mentality,” Quintero added. “I will push to that distance, I am willing to go that extra step to become the victor and I’ll do anything and everything that I need to do as a fighter and a person to make sure I’m the victor in that fight.”

Quintero meets Trepagnier Friday night at the FireLake Arena in Shawnee, Oklahoma. You can watch the fights on at 9 pm.

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