Trevin Giles Prepared to Balance Career in MMA and Law Enforcement

Trevin Giles is preparing to juggle a career in mixed martial arts as well as law enforcement.

In just over a week Trevin Giles will walk out of Southern Texas University as a graduate of the Administrative Justice program. On top of that he will be fresh off his trip to San Jose where he spent time training with the gauntlet of killers at American Kickboxing Academy. After May 13, Giles will be one step closer to his dreams of fighting in the UFC and being an active member of Texas law enforcement.  Giles says no matter what happens he has every intention of juggling both professions.

“Even if I go to the UFC and I get a fight, in between training camps and in between fights I would still go to the police academy. I would still actively pursue that. I want to be in law enforcement regardless,” Giles said. “That is happening regardless.”

In an era where people are killing others and posting it on Facebook live Giles realizes law enforcement can be an extremely dangerous line of work.  He understands these circumstances chase a lot of people away, but it is the same reason he is more than happy to step up.

“I like to have a sense of purpose. I like to help people out. I think a lot of people get taken advantage of,” Giles said. “A bunch of crazy stuff happens and I think a lot of people run away from that kind of thing. That is the reason why they don’t want to be in law enforcement. It’s a lot of stuff that is dangerous, but somebody has to do it and I feel like I have the capability to do it, so I am doing it. I think that I could be a great contribution to the community.”

As a professional mixed martial artist Giles managed to juggle training, fight camps and fights along side his university obligations, so he is used to multitasking. This isn’t new territory for him. Pursuing a career in law enforcement in no way means Giles has given up on his MMA dreams. In fact Giles is confident we will see him in the octagon sooner rather than later.

“My coach Erik…him and Cormier ahve actually met and he’s actually got his number, so for some time now we have been planning to go out there and train with him,” Giles said. “Hopefully I can get a good UFC shot, you know get my foot in the door with those guys. i do see myself going to the UFC and having a fight before the summer ends.”

The future looks bright for the 24-year-0ld and hopefully we see him on MMA’s main stage before too much longer.

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