Trevin Giles May Just “Let the Whole MMA Thing Go”

Trevin Giles may consider walking away from the sport if the UFC doesn’t come calling soon.

Giles is one of the top ranked fighters outside the UFC. He is a perfect 9-0 with 8 finishes. It doesn’t get much more impressive than that. Giles is coming off a big win over Ryan Spann. After a tough first round Giles was able to turn things around and take the next two to earn the victory. According to Giles the Spann fight was supposed to be the one that put him  on the road to the octagon. Giles admits he didn’t want to take fight, but did at the request of Mick Maynard and still nothing.

“Ryan Spann was from my understanding was supposed to be my last fight before I was able to get ot the UFC. That is the only reason I fought him, because otherwise I wouldn’t have fought him, because he was coming off a loss,” Giles told The Fight House. “He lost one against Leo and he went to 205 won and then he lost agains at 205 and then he came down for a main event shot. I didn’t want to take that fight, but then I talked to Mic Maynard and he said I should take that fight and that is somebody he needs to see me beat in order to make some moves for me.”

Like all up and coming fighters Giles has hopes of competing in the UFC octagon, that is the end game. He did what he was supposed to do by beating Spann, but still the call has eluded him. The situation is a frustrating one for Giles who admits he isn’t sure what else he can do to catch their attention.

“I don’t know what else I have to do. Given my record and the fashion I win fights in I don’t know what else I would have to do to get to the UFC,” Giles told The Fight House. “I still kinda feel the frustration, but I am getting to the point where it is just like either it is going to happen or it’s not going to happen. I think if it doesn’t happen – and this is just a possibility, I don’t know what I will do – but I might just pursue my career in law enforcement and let go of the whole MMA thing. I don’t want to hold on to it for too long.”

The sport is a dangerous one no doubt about. There are plenty of long and short term health risks. Giles isn’t sure if he would completely walk away from the sport, but with a career in administrative justice he isn’t sure how long he is willing to make it his priority. If he is left competing for the smaller promotions.

“I like to fight, so I would definitely try and juggle it if I could, but honestly I wouldn’t take fighting as my number one priority,” Giles said. “I think a lot of these fighters these days go through all of these fights and get paid all these small cheques and at the end of their careers they end up vegetables, or they’re not right in their mind and can’t play with their kids, or they’re just not as healty, they knock a few years off their life. I just don’t think it’s worth it. Nobody is really going to remember you for that.”

With his university graduation on the horizon, no fight booked and a cloud of uncertainty regarding the UFC it is still unclear what Giles next move will be. We will all have to sit back and wait to see how everything play out.




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