What has McGregor done?

There has been no evidence during Conor McGregor‘s career that suggests he’s capable of doing the things he says he can.

Now, I am not doubting the man’s hard work, intellect, and willingness to play the game, he has done it beautifully. However, we may be giving the Irishman a little too much credit. The high accolades are a little bit inflated.

McGregor entered the UFC on the wave of being a two weight world champion with Cage Warriors, and he was, that was true. What is also true is that both belts were vacant when he fought for them. He never had to beat a champion. His featherweight opponent Dave Hill was 1-2 in his last three and had lost his last fight with the promotion. Buchinger his lightweight opponent on the other hand was a solid win for McGregor. The guy is tough.  He captured both titles he defended neither of them, sound familiar. Instead he packed his bags and moved to the UFC. And who wouldn’t?

His rise to the top in the UFC was a guided one. The powers that be managed to get him to the title with very little danger. If Aldo wouldn’t have pulled – forcing him to fight Mendes – his toughest fight on the way to the title would have been Dustin Poirier. Even having to fight Mendes, he was on two weeks’ notice, that was a gift for Conor and he could finally say, ”I beat a wrestler.”

He managed to get a shot without fighting Edgar, Lamas, Swanson or Mendes (on a full camp). How do you make it to a title shot without having a full-notice bout with anyone in the top three?

What’s crazy is that we allow him to bounce around divisions doing what he wants.  Talking and having people believe he can take out anybody, in any weight. Great confidence, shit it’s commendable, but there is no evidence to suggest he has the ability. McGregor has never defended a title in his life. Neither Cage Warrior titles, nor his UFC featherweight belt.

He is a talented fighter no doubt, but when you look at his career and just take it in, it really isn’t that impressive. There is no reason to think Nate is the underdog, or that Conor is the best martial artist alive.

Besides Aldo what has McGregor done?

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